Welcome to the very first edition of our
Fringe Friday Vibes playlist!

Music means many things to all of us. Some of us enjoy many styles, others have very specific tastes, but one thing’s for sure – music effects us. At Fringe, we even believe that Sound Heals.

Yeah – it’s that powerful.

So while we love what we do, the Sunday Scaries are behind us, and no one around here has a case of the Mondays, it’s always nice when Friday afternoon rolls around and you’re staring down the barrel of a weekend full of friends, family, and fun. Even if we’re in a pandemic.

With that in mind – we wanted to key you into what’s in our rotation. It’s a smorgasbord (man that’s not easy to spell) of genres, but that kind of nicely illustrates the diversity we’ve got on this team.

Below, each member has given a little insight into why this song is at the top of their list. We hope you enjoy a little insight into what we’ve got cooking back here, and that you have an excellent weekend.

Fringe HQ

The Homies:

Genevieve Newton
Scientific Research Director

Song: Alphaville – Forever Young.
I heard this song at camp when I was about 8 years old, and it remains one of my all time favorites to this day. When I met my husband, I discovered it was one of his favorites too. We listen to it regularly, the whole album is great!

Alyson Evans
CoCEO & Founder

Song: Saint Phnx – Happy Place.
My 12 year old daughter has been quietly watching Fringe come to life as a company. One day she got in the car and said, “Mom, I want to play you a song that reminds me of Fringe.” – and that is Fringe in a nutshell for me.

Heather Cantor
Sales and Operations

Song: Post Malone – Circles.
Circles has a unique and cool vibe, I always feel happier and more centered when I listen to it. Although the song is about a relationship, it means more to me in that we all have times when we feel like we are running around in circles throughout the different seasons of our lives. While it’s easier to be drawn to what or who we know, this song also represents breaking that cycle to get uncomfortable!

Michael Benavidez
Fringe Representative – Texas

Song: Foo Fighters – Walk.
“Learning to walk again.  I believe I’ve waited long enough.  Where do I begin?” This song encourages me to not give up especially when pain is debilitating, stress is deafening, and sleep is just a distraction.  We all get one shot and I want to be the one dancing on my own grave at the end of it all.  3 simple rules:  Keep it simple / ask for help / don’t @##$ing quit.  

Anthony Caligaris
Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Song: Rebelution – Meant to Be.
It’s been a crazy ride building Fringe so far, but no part of me has doubted that this is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. This song has long been a favorite of mine in that it speaks to an approach to life and mindset that I would like to have as often as I can hold on to it.

Abby Kramer
Medical Business Development

Song: John Mayer – Till The Right One Comes.
I love this ‘feel good summer song’ that is a great reminder that the right “one” is coming – whether it be a relationship, job, or opportunity … what’s right for us is worth waiting for.

Heather Manning
Digital Design Wizard

Song: The Bleachers – Chinatown ft. Bruce Springsteen.
No words needed. Just listen.

Michael Sierra
Minister of Digital Marketing

Song: Matt Carmichael – Firth.
This song reminds me of a perfect day. It starts relaxing and chill then explodes with excitement and fun. Then ends as quietly as it started.

Joe LaVacca
Lead Educator

Song: Nathanial Rateliff – Survivor.
This song reminds me of a perfect day. It starts relaxing and chill then explodes with excitement and fun. Then ends as quietly as it A song that can match any mood you’re in and ultimately defines all of us at this moment.

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