Just Breathe

Breathing is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after ways to shape our minds, body and relationships, and is emerging as a topic of interest in almost every corner of the world.  No longer only practiced in yoga studios and the privacy of our homes, breathing techniques are arising in schools, businesses, and in almost all sports to help manage stress, improve wellbeing, and enhance performance.

Like a lot of answers, the safest answer to the above questions is “it depends” however more and more data is leading us to believe some things may be better for us overall. 

 Am I breathing correctly?  (If you are reading this, you are!). How fast should I be breathing?  Where should I be breathing from?  These are all very common questions and the current social media age can make it feel like we do nothing right as human beings (or at least definitely not enough).

One thing I commonly say to clients to start off is “Does your rate match your state?”  We are becoming a population of over-eaters and over-breathers.  It used to be that a normal resting breathing rate was 9-12 (maybe lower) and now it has slowly crept up to 12-20!  Double what it was several decades ago.  If you are at rest we should be in the lower portions of these ranges, if you find yourself higher than 12 it might be a good time to start paying attention to your breath more and simply slow down.

Thank you for reading.  See you on the fringe.

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