Dr. Abby Kramer, DC

When I look back at my story, of what has gotten me to the point I am at now, there are many inflection points. A big part of my story was growing up as a competitive swimmer. In high school, I spent my days at the pool and learned the importance of how important it is to take care of our physical bodies.

I learned the value of pushing your body past its limits and how powerful the mind is (it can truly make or break a race). At this time, however, I had no idea the impact things like diet, nutrition, bodywork, chiropractic care, etc. could have on performance.

Fast forward a handful of years and I decided to major in human movement sciences. I delved deep into courses like kinesiology, anatomy, and biomechanics which fascinated me. When I was deep into my program my senior year, I was in a car accident.

Luckily I wasn’t majorly injured, but I suffered a pretty brutal bout of whiplash. I had never been in such extreme neck pain, so I quickly made an appointment at the student health clinic. I was given a round of pain meds and muscle relaxers, which were “fun” for a couple of days, but then the pain came right back. In a moment I can only explain divine intervention, the thought crossed my mind that I needed to see a Chiropractor. Mind you, I had NEVER been to a chiropractor before, and basically had no idea what they did.

I got a recommendation from one of my professors who was a Physical Therapist and made an appointment right away. After just 1 treatment, my pain was at least 80% gone. I was amazed! I then became a Chiropractic junkie and maintained regular care from that point on.

Fast forward another couple of years and I was working as a personal trainer realizing that I wasn’t happy. I wanted to learn more, to help my clients in a more in-depth way, and I didn’t love the personal training industry. I knew I wanted to further my education.

I explored many options like PT, PTA, traditional medical school, OT, and Chiropractic. Chiropractic was the perfect fit for me, especially with my personal experience of its benefits. I finished a couple of courses that I needed before beginning the program and started right away.

Simultaneously, I was experiencing horrible chronic migraine headaches. I had seen several neurologists who had all just said it was “normal” and I could medicate or just deal with it. I had tried many medications, all of which either did not work or made me feel horrible. So, constant consumption of Excedrin migraine it was.

Entering chiropractic school, really concerned me with how I’d be able to keep up with the intense course load while experiencing headaches that laid me out completely 3-4 times per week.

As I began my training I was quickly introduced to the holistic model of chiropractic care. I jumped head first into the worlds of Applied Kinesiology, diet, supplements, nutraceuticals, and mind/body stress relief practices to address the patient as a whole.

Taking this approach with myself by making significant diet changes, taking the appropriate supplements for my imbalances, and incorporating breathwork and energy healing modalities, I’ve been migraine free since. Once I saw the proof in the pudding, I was hooked. This is how I wanted to help my patients in practice, and the type of care everyone deserves!

When I received the phone call from Alyson about her new company “Fringe” I had chills the entire time we spoke (that’s my personal gauge of something being a “hell yes!”).  Her vision to help others experience less pain, sleep better, and handle stress in a more harmonious way completely spoke to me.

She has assembled a brilliant team, which I am incredibly honored to be part of. We’re here to help as many people as possible find more harmony in their body, mind, and environment…and ultimately heal. We can’t wait to share more with you, and are so happy to have you as part of our community!

See you on the fringe,

Dr. Abby Kramer

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