Effects of Cannabidiol Supplementation on Skeletal Muscle Regeneration After Intensive Resistance Training

Eduard Isenmann, Sebastian Veit, Lynn Starke, Ulrich Flenker, and Patrick Diel

Who Was It?
Sixteen healthy German athletes (mean age 24 years) who had at least one year experience doing strength training exercise participated in the study. Subjects were not taking any medications or other dietary supplements.

What Was Done?
This study had a crossover design, meaning every participant acted as its own control. Subjects participated in an intensive strength training session after eating a standardized breakfast meal. Measures of skeletal muscle damage and lower body performance were taken at four time points: baseline, 24hr, 48hr, and 72hr. Right after the strength training session either a single dose of 60mg CBD or a placebo was taken in a drink.

What Happened?
CBD improved markers of muscle damage at the 72hr time point, and there were differences at the 24hr and 48hr time points, although these were not statistically significant. Performance, as assessed by a back squat, was improved with CBD at 72 hours.

Fringe Commentary:
In this study a single dose of CBD improved performance and decreased biomarkers of muscle damage 72 hours after an intense strength training session. There was also a trend for decreased biomarkers of damage at 24 and 48 hours post-exercise. It’s possible that better outcomes could be achieved taking CBD before, rather than after, the strength training session. Muscle damage may be even further reduced by taking CBD again several hours later, as well as the following days, although research is needed to confirm this. The dose of CBD taken in this study was 60mg, and since it was dissolved in a beverage, it was probably water-soluble CBD, although this wasn’t explicitly stated. The dose of CBD used in this study is equal to two packets of Fringe Mana or Henko, which can be used by athletes to reduce muscle damage and possibly improve athletic performance.

Link to Article: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/13/9/3028

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