Fringe Affiliate Program

We’re psyched you’re interested in our program and look forward to meeting you!

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your internet in our affiliate program. Below you’ll find two options, one for our homies, and one for our Medical Clinician friends.

First, please read the below requirements before completing the online application:

  • I am a Henko, Mana, or Mysa user.
  • I am a resident of the United States.
  • I’m into talking about Fringe and will commit to publishing Fringe-related product content at least six times annually. 
  • I have an active and working website/blog/social account centered on lifestyle, wellness, fitness, nature, healing, supplements, or clinical practice.
  • My platforms are regularly updated and have at least 3 months of content. 

second, apply!

Complete the appropriate online application: 

next, share the love!

Upon approval, we’ll hook you up with an affiliate code to use for you sales. You’ll also have access to Fringe-focused graphics and other marketing assets. Whether you add a banner to your site, or a feature a product in an upcoming social or blog post, you’ll have many options with which to share your favorite Fringe products. 

and then? earn!

Our affiliate manager will reach out to you with more details on how to start collecting that cheddar!

lest we forget

Collaborating with others in our community is a top priority for us! IN fact, we love it so much that we have our own dedicated social space that Affiliates are highly encouraged to participate in. As a rep of our brand, company, and mission, you’ll have a special designation in the community so our members know that you know what’s up! 

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