fringe henko – CBD broad spectrum powder

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Fringe Henko is a tasteless, water-soluble CBD broad-spectrum powder. “Broad Spectrum“ meaning it contains CBD and additional compounds found in the hemp plant, but no THC.

Fringe Henko CBD drink mix comes in individual 30 mg stick packs of powder. Each bag of Fringe Henko contains 30 stick packs or 900 mg of CBD/hemp compounds per bag.

Fringe Henko broad spectrum CBD powder acts quickly, and consistently and is absorbed 4x more by your body than a CBD oil or CBD gummy. 4x more value.

Fringe is 100% dedicated to having the safest and highest quality CBD products on the market.

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  • Fringe broad spectrum CBD – Henko in your morning or evening drink is easy and effective. It is designed to seamlessly incorporate into any food or beverage you like, hot or cold.  Fringe Henko travels well, anywhere you go!

    Fringe Henko is mainly CBD with an additional blend of compounds found in the hemp plant included in the formula.  There is no (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC in Fringe Henko. 

    CBD and THC are cannabinoids found in full-spectrum CBD. By removing the THC from CBD products you will not “feel high” from these products and the amount of third-party testing on Fringe CBD products insures that these products will not flag a drug test.

    Fringe Henko is a great broad-spectrum CBD product trusted by healthcare professionals. Use if you are familiar with CBD products or if you just want to explore the potential benefits of additional hemp plant compounds in your CBD product. 

    If you are looking for a CBD isolate product, explore the benefits of Fringe Mana CBD Isolate drink mix packets.

    Fringe broad-spectrum products include additional cannabinoids from the cannabis plant

    Fringe CBD is 3rd party tested at 3 stages during production to ensure potency, no heavy metals, no mycotoxins, no microbials, no pesticides, and no residual solvents.


    Suggested Use:

    Start with taking 1 stick pack of Fringe Henko during the day

    For support with stress, mood, focus, recovery, and general health take Fringe Henko during the day.

    To help support a restorative night’s sleep, take Fringe Henko 30 minutes before bed. 

    If desired results are not seen, increase your dosage in the evening to support sleep. ⁠Always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement regimen.



    • Water soluble
    • Tasteless
    • Dissolvable
    • Fast acting
    • Predictable and consistent
    • 3rd party tested (link)
    • Organically farmed Hemp
    • USA grown 
    • Vegan



    • THC (non-intoxicating)
    • sugar
    • calories
    • gluten
    • soy
    • artificial flavoring
    • artificial sweeteners
    • preservatives
    • dairy


    Ingredients: Dietary Fiber (non GMO, certified organic soluble corn fiber), Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors (botanical plant extract)


What does henko mean? 

In Japanese culture, the word Henko means change. Henko describes a symbiosis in which all things are connected, and there is reason to believe that holds true for the healing compounds found in the hemp plant as well.

We made Fringe Henko to ensure that our offerings and options of cannabinoid products were reflective of the diverse nature of the hemp plant. We hope Fringe Henko can help you to find your rhythm in an evolving world.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Tiffany Dominguez
My heart rate is so low at night !

I started trying fringe henko and I wear an Oura ring at night. My heart rate is so much lower and I get better sleep with henko ! Thank you for making a great product !

Henko to the rescue!

I have been using henko to help with sleep and focus. It helps so much with keeping me in the present state of mind. I notice my sleep isn’t quite as good if I don’t take it 30 minutes before bed. I will use henko for life!

Can’t live without

Bought this originally to help with inflammation. Not only has it helped with the inflammation tremendously it has taken away my hot flashes. I literally cannot go a day without this! Life saver!

Jen M.
It works!

I have tried several different CBD oils. They were all a waste of money and usually didn't taste good. Fringe is tasteless and helps tremendously with my inflammation.

Kim Smith
Awesome stuff!

This stuff is amazing for giving you that chill you need before bed to get quality, restorative sleep. I also put it in my water bottle during this day.sometimes when I need a little help with stress. It works great & I love it!