Third edition of the Fringe Friday Vibes and we’re getting pretty good at this!

Most of the time, you can find us with our headphones in (or on). Music is incredibly powerful – it has the ability to change your mood, your day, your perspective. So while at Fringe we don’t dread the workdays, nothing beats staring down two straight weekend days.

Whatever you’re up to, whether that’s on some water, in some trees, downtown at your favorite spot, or staycation-binging Ted Lasso, we’d love to offer you some earphonious (that’s a word) gems to keep you company.

Below, some of our team members have given a little insight into why this song is at the top of their list. We hope you enjoy a look at what we’ve got cooking back here, and that you have an excellent weekend.

Fringe HQ

The Homies:

1. Nicole Huffman
A true homie and Community Spotlight Feature!
Song: India Arie – Slow it Down
I love this song because it reminds me to slow down and stop rushing through life.

2. Abby Kramer
Medical Business Development
Song: Mary Lambert – Secrets
This song is such a feel-good jam and reminds me that we all need to embrace and own our imperfections…. they’re what make us who we are!

3. Thomas Buxton
Market Activations Manager
Song: EMAN8 – IOU (ft. Kid Quill)
Give me piano and brass with upbeat lyrics and I’m a happy camper. 

4. Heather Cantor
Sales and Operations
Song: Van Morrison – Brown-Eyed Girl
This song is a true classic crowd-pleaser that always lifts my spirits!

My most favorite memory of this song… My husband played in cover bands for years. While we were at one of his gigs a few years ago, he came down off the stage into the crowd to serenade me with this song! All while still playing his guitar – he didn’t miss a beat!

5. Heather Manning
Creative and Brand Management

Song: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – Cecilia and the Satellite
No words necessary, just listen.

6. Michael Sierra
Video and Creative

Song: Los Adolescentes – Anhelo
This song came on randomly while I was mowing the lawn the other day and I can’t get it out of my head. I have no idea what he’s saying, but he certainly feels it.

7. Michael Benavidez
Fringe Representative – Texas

Song: Beastie Boys – Sabotage
The first song you hear at he beginning of your workout can make or break you. This song spews energy and adrenaline for me. Hope it does the same for you when you need it most.

8. Alyson Evans
CoCEO & Founder
Song: Pink – Glitter in the Air
Is it even Friday if you are not blaring Pink in your car after kid school drop off?
Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, I just don’t care?

9. Genevieve Newton
Scientific Research Director
Song: Absofacto – Rewind
It’s a super catchy tune. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to do a rewind every now and then?

10. Joe LaVacca
Lead Educator
Song: Jonas Brothers – Who’s in Your Head?
Run, walk, workout, cook, clean – do it all to this song.

11. Anthony Caligaris
Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Song: Fortunate Youth – Good Times (Roll On)
I am very fortunate to have a wonderful life. It’s not without its challenges, but it’s wonderful. I can’t help but really feel that when this one comes on. Especially when he says, “living the South Bay dream,” brings me back to NorCal summers immediately.

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