Version Four of Fringe Friday Vibes! Yes!

Welcome to Friday. Dang have you earned it. Congratulations.

The weekend feels are upon us, and with those feels comes that special song or playlist for each of us. Below, some of our team members have given a little insight into why their subbmitted song is at the top of their list.

Crank it up, or turn it to a nice comfortable level, either way, big props for getting through another week!

Much love,
Fringe HQ

The Homies:

1. Kristina Campione
Superhero and Community Spotlight Feature!
Song: Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky
The kids got hooked on it after watching baby groot dance to it in guardians of the galaxy II. It’s just so happy and hopeful and upbeat, it practically begs us to start a family dance party.

2. Heather Cantor
Sales and Operations
Song: Mac Miller – Weekend
Whether you’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend, an exciting event or, simply a change of pace, THIS is the ultimate Friday song! For me, the melodic rhythm of the song is upbeat and the lyrics represent how we as humans work for the weekend. This song spoke to me in that the “weekday grind” doesn’t have to be that way. We can all take action to change this by creating the life we desire.

3. Jill Magee
Fringe Representative – Wisconsin & Minnesota
Song: Teddy Swims – Simple Things
Just good!

4. Abby Kramer
Medical Business Development
Song: Ingrid Michaelson – The Lotto
This song is such a feel – good Friday jam. It’s a great reminder that if you’ve got people you love in your life – you’ve won the lotto. “The best things in life cost less.” Isn’t that the truth!

5. Michael Sierra
Video and Creative

Song: Papooz – Green Juice
Super cruisy. Makes me think about chilling in a little outdoor bistro watching the day go by.

6. Heather Manning
Creative and Brand Management

Song: Ryan Adams – Two
No words necessary, just listen.

7. Michael Benavidez
Fringe Representative – Texas

Song: The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Regina Spector)
Her rendition on this song is so beautifully redone with traditional Japanese instruments.  It’s like a lullaby for the soul. 

8. Genevieve Newton
Scientific Research Director
Song: M83 – Midnight City
Just enjoy the tune!

9. Alyson Evans
CoCEO & Founder
Song: Black Eyed Peas – Where’s the Love?
This song is on repeat in my mind. Where’s the love y’all? Where’s the truth y’all? Lack of understanding leading us away from unity.

10. Thomas Buxton
Marketing Activations Manager
Song: Magic Giant – Window
Brass section like last week. 50% less piano, 100% same positive vibes.

11. Joe LaVacca
Lead Educator
Song: SOMMA – I Don’t Wanna Know
I love novelty and so do our brains. Here’s to hearing the same thing a little differently. 

12. Anthony Caligaris
Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Song: Saosin – You’re Not Alone
My wife and I met a friend for drinks last night, and Anthony Green was randomly playing the venue. Took me straight back to high school listening to him in Saosin. If this song doesn’t make you sing into your hairbrush in tight black jeans, then you’re not living.

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