Version 6 here we go!

People tease me because I say “sixth,” “sick-th” so version six is a little triggering for me.

I’ll work through it though, thanks for the support.

And thanks for joining us on another Friday! You made it! As per usual, below you will find an eclectic mix of jams from our team. I cheated and selected two songs. I figure the Community Spotlight gets a pick, so I’m gonna use that. If someone else is making this playlist next week, you’ll know I got in trouble.

But until then, enjoy some Fringe Friday jams! As always – feel free to reach out to us with feedback, questions, existential musings, all of it.


The Homies:

1. Anthony Caligaris
Community spotlight song choice thief.
Song: Cole Swindell – Some Habits
I am reminded daily that my wife makes me a better person. It’s a crazy winding road we all travel, but when you find you someone who inspires you to be your best self, you better hold on with all that you’ve got.

2. Abby Kramer
Medical Business Development and a whole lot more.
Song: Nahko and Medicine for the People – Budding Trees
If you’re feeling some hippy dippy vibes this Friday – check out this song. A great reminder that the body speaks to us, all we have to do is listen.

3. Genevieve Newton
Scientific Research Director
Song: Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
I’ve loved the whole album, August and Everything After, for “many” years. It never gets old.

4. Alyson Evans
CoCEO & Founder

Song: Blind Melon – Change
Anyone else get this CD in the mail (and 11 others) from Columbia House for $0.01?
I know we can’t all stay here forever so I want to write my words on the face of today…

5. Michael Benavidez
Fringe Representative – Texas

Song: Gypsy Kings – Bamboleo
This song, hell the whole album, got me through college finals. it laser focused me and turned my brain power to an 11. Also made me dance like a mad man. Hope you get the same vibes from it. Enjoy.  

6. Joe LaVacca
Lead Educator
Song: Fitz and the Tantrums – I Just Wanna Shine
Today’s your day, don’t let anyone take away your shine with this song!

7. Michael Sierra
Video and Creative

Song: Leisure – Money
Chill groovy tune.

8. Thomas Buxton
Marketing Activations Manager
Song: Bryce Vine – My Holiday
A song that gets me feeling positive within seconds of starting. Can’t not put that on the list!

9. Heather Manning
Creative and Brand Management

Song: The War on Drugs – Red Eyes
No words necessary, just listen.

10. Anthony Caligaris
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Song: Chris Young – If That Ain’t God
Man this one hits me right in the heart. Some things just put the world in perspective. Like a cancer surviving kid who makes a heroic comeback. I don’t know if you believe in God, but you likely believe in something – don’t lose sight of that. Our lives get busy and in the way a lot, but let’s lift our eyes sometimes. Make a grown man want to cry happy tears.

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