7th Edition all up in this.

Another Friday and the weather is turning a little chilly for those of us in parts of the country where things like that happen. It’s a welcome respite from a few months of some pretty intense humidity.

There’s a certain amount of room now to breathe, and for a new company, it feels like opportunity. We’ve got our legs under us, we’re heading in the right direction, and now a season of growth seems upon us.

We couldn’t do this without you, so thanks for coming along for the ride. We appreciate you. In fact, if you’re here supporting, here’s a code for a little bit off your next order this week: soundheals.


The Homies:

1. Dr Cari Jacobson
This week’s Community Spotlight All Star!
Song: India Arie – Worthy
My girl India Arie makes me so happy and empowered. The song “Worthy” Is an AMAZING one because every one of us is worthy and so many times we forget. This song makes for a wonderful reminder.

2. Heather Manning
Creative and Brand Management

Song: The Shins – Simple Song
Saturday mornings, coffee with my wife, my dogs and some good tunage.

3. Abby Kramer
Medical Business Development and a whole lot more.
Song: California Honeydrops – When it was Wrong
“I liked it better when it was wrong.” – cannabis anyone? 😉

4. Beth Rizer
Fringe Representative – Maryland

Song: Glass Animals – Toes
The beat for me, makes me feel cool. Makes me feel gooey. lol

5. Heather Cantor
Fringe Representative – Maryland

Song: 2Pac – Changes
Although this song is from 1998, it’s crazy relevant today because well, this excerpt says it all “You gotta make a change. It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes, let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, and let’s change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive.”

6. Alyson Evans
CoCEO & Founder

Song: REM – Nightswimming
The 90s had a profound and lasting influence on me and how I view the world. Memories attached to songs and songs attached to memories. Think back to the last time you swam in the middle of night, completely carefree?
These things, they go away. Replaced by everyday…

7. Michael Benavidez
Fringe Representative – Texas

Song: Ray Lamontagne – Let It Be Me
My dad passed away 9 years ago on October 24th and I miss him every day still.  He was and continues to be my hero.  A man with barely a 3rd grade education and owned his own successful business for 50 years on top of serving his country for 20 years in the National Guard.  I imagine him singing this song to me every time I hear it.  I pray this song  bring you  joyful tears like it does me.  

8. Genevieve Newton
Scientific Research Director
Song: OMD – If You Leave me
From the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. Great movie. I love 80’s tunes.

9. Michael Sierra
Video and Creative

Song: Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
Beautiful music that makes me slow down and chill out.

10. Joe LaVacca
Lead Educator
Song: Elton John & Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
This song just makes everything better, plus it’s almost impossible not to break out in dance. 

11. Thomas Buxton
Marketing Activations Manager
Song: Basic Tape & Ed Prosek – Feel the Same
Another great one that passes the toe tap test (dare you not to at the bridge). This also continues the trend of Ant having no idea what my taste in music is.

12. Anthony Caligaris
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Song: Kid Ink – Hell & Back
Sometimes when I get in my feels I start thinking about the road I’ve traveled to get to this spot. This song feels like a personal anthem sometimes. What a crazy journey we’re all on.

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