The 11th Hour! This one goes to Eleven!

There’s something interestingly special about the number eleven. Some of my favorite cinematic scenes have come from the number. Spinal Tap, and these dudes in an elevator.

Maybe it’s my OCD and the balance of the two ones mirroring one another, it’s pleasant to look at.

In a way, it’s a really good example of this week for Fringe. We’ve hit a really nice balance on our team recently, bringing in key players who compliment those who have been working their butts off for the last four months.

I hope the same can be said for you in whichever way makes the most sense – whether that’s hitting your stride with family obligations on the doorstep of the holiday season, or hitting a comfortable flow at work as we near the end of the year.

Either way, next time we chat it’ll be the day after Thanksgiving. I sincerely hope you have a great, relaxing, and enjoying holiday.

Enjoy some tunes from my favorite team in the world below.


The Homies:

1. Thomas Buxton
Marketing Activations Manager
Song: Fifth Avenue – Walk Off the Earth
By 10 seconds into this song, it should be clear why this is my choice. Immediately improves my mood!

2. Jake Means
Marketing Coordination and Robot Fighting.
Song: Cake – War Pigs
Such a fun band to listen to. Great golfing music. As a senior in HS, my parents went to their concert and I chose to watch some college water polo game. Top 10 regrets of my life. 

3. Genevieve Newton
Scientific Research Director
Song: Rick Springfield – Jesse’s Girl
From 1981, but listening to it never gets 

4. Abby Kramer
Medical Business Development and a whole lot more.
Song: Modest Mouse – Float On
Man this song still hits! For a nostalgic, ‘everything is gonna be ok’ vibe…listen to this throw back!

5. Joe LaVacca
Lead Educator
Song: Bruno Mars – Skate (ft. Anderson Pack, Silk Sonic)
Avery and I have been “skating” to school on Friday’s to make sure we have the best day ever, every single week.

6. Michael Sierra
Video and Creative

Song: ATSU – Hold the Line (From “Twenty Something”)
A good friend of mine was asked by Disney/Pixar to write a song for a short film on Disney+. This is her track she wrote and performed. So proud of her!

7. Heather Cantor
A dear homie
Song: Alabama Shakes – Don’t Want to Fight
I heard this song during a recent Peloton ride and immediately added it to my playlist. It just has a good funky vibe and a great message to the world, let’s stop fighting and dividing!

8. Heather Manning
Creative and Brand Management

Song: Caamp – Officer of Love
Good song, enough said – just listen.

9. Michael Benavidez
Fringe Representative – Texas
Song: Pharrell Williams – Happy
Life is all about the ups and downs, lefts and rights, ebbs and flows.  The happiness we are all seeking can be found in the middle.  

10. Alyson Evans
CoCEO & Founder

Song: Old Dominion – One Man Band
Try to imagine my 10 year old boys singing this song in my car, they know every word- and I’m watching them in the rear view mirror as my heart has a mini celebration. 

When the spotlight goes cold, and the curtains come down, The chairs are all stacked, and there’s no one around, And nobody’s payin’, we’ll still be playin

11. Anthony Caligaris
CoCEO & Co-Founder
Song: Ruston Kelly – Radio Cloud
So I just stumbled upon this guy and apparently he’s the coolest dude in the history of man. Getting random 10am Saturday calls from Johnny Cash’s son to come and add music to a secret book of Johnny’s poems? Apparently was married to Kacey Musgraves? Played the Opry? Wrote songs for Tim McGraw and others? This song’s lyrics are pretty poignant at the moment.

Unstuck didn’t know I’d been tied. Deep in the virus, sign of the times. How could you know if you haven’t been looking up? The world shakes when the truth breaks out.

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