Supplements Mission Statement

Below are the things we care about.

At Fringe, we understand that for thousands of years, humans have used the healing properties found in nature as our medicine. Healing tonics, herbs, teas, tinctures, minerals, and even your Grandma’s chicken soup have healing qualities that have helped and continue to help us heal.

Our modern world works against our health in many ways. Our food supply is contaminated with chemicals, our soil and water supply is depleted of healing minerals, and our fast-paced modern lifestyle leaves us with large nutrition gaps.

Supplementing certain nutrients is truly essential for us to function optimally in our current day and age. However, there are many problems with the current supplement industry. It’s poorly regulated, many products are synthetically made, poorly absorbed, and use chemical additives, flavors, or unnecessary fillers. To top it off, many companies hide ingredients from their labels – making it almost impossible to REALLY know what you’re putting in your body.

We’re committed to providing you and your family with safe and transparent products at effective dosages.

Below are the things we care about.

And we think that you should too.


Our products are minimal. You might notice that our powders are in small containers with small scoops and that our ingredient lists are not long.  That’s because we don’t have unnecessary ingredients and fillers, giving you ONLY the good stuff. Less is best.


Our products are the highest quality possible. We strive to source from the cleanest possible ingredients, non-GMO and organic whenever possible. We don’t do fancy gimmicks, hop on trends, or synthetically alter ingredients. We believe we need to get back to nature, not further from it. If we can’t make it clean, we won’t do it.

Should I take a magnesium supplement?


Our products deliver true therapeutic dosages. You can be confident you’re getting the actual amounts you need to have a physiologic effect in the body.


We practice totally transparent labeling. No “natural flavors,” proprietary blends, chemical additives, or ingredients left off the label. What you see on the ingredient list is everything that is in your product, period.


We perform detailed 3rd party testing on all of our supplements for molds, heavy metals, and pesticides. Our extensive testing ensures that compounds that do not occur in the natural world, like pesticides; stay out of your supplements. Our testing also confirms that our processing is proven to be safe and does not introduce any mold or mycotoxins into your supplements. Finally, our testing makes certain that naturally occurring trace elements/heavy metals from our earth are only detected in negligible amounts –  safe for your consumption.

Here are our 3rd party testing results by Batch


Our Scientific and Product Development Team is composed of three amazing female doctors, Dr. Abby Kramer, Dr. Alyson Evans, and Dr. Genevieve Newton. Collectively they have over 60+ years in the nutrition and holistic healing space. We dive deep into the science and research surrounding all of our products. If better quality ingredients become available, we improve. If we can make our products more effective, we innovate. We’re committed to evolving and bettering our products to better serve our customers and their health for years to come.