Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool
Fringe Kalm Breath Tool

Fringe Kalm Breath Tool

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The Fringe Kalm is a reminder for you to slow down and take a breather.  It is a simple breathing tool made of high quality stainless steel, used to help slow your exhale. 

Slowing our exhale has been scientifically proven to have a host of immediate health benefits. The most noticeable is an immediate relaxing effect on our body and in our mind. In fact, the healing power of your breath is so incredible, you can lower your heart rate and blood pressure in just a few minutes of slow, deep breathing.

Yep, you could do the same with a plastic straw, but we’re not huge fans of single-use plastics, and we absolutely adore turtles. With the Kalm you can breathe easy, knowing you’re doing your part. 


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We take 23,000 breaths a day, but we are aware of very few of them. The first step to improving how we breathe is becoming aware of how we are breathing.

Be sure to keep your Fringe Kalm in your view through the day – around your neck, on your desk, in your car or beside your bed. Establishing a breathing routine is much easier with this simple tool in sight reminding you to ‘breathe’. 

The Fringe Kalm breath tool is quiet and convenient. Wear it to dress up your outfit or stuff it in a pocket – but keep it close. As you become more aware of your breathing – you will know when you need it most. 



  • Fringe Kalm breath tool, 316L stainless steel, in matte black. (Length: 2.4” Diameter: 0.2”)
  • One stainless steel black cable chain, 28 inches
  • One black nylon cord, adjustable up to 31 inches
  • One soft carrying case to protect your tool
  • A sweet Fringe tin that you can use for anything
  • An extremely helpful instruction leaflet



Benefits of slow, prolonged exhales:

– Improve Mood
– Reduce Stress
– Gain focus
– Relieve Pain
– Sleep Better



Suggested Use: Bringing attention to your breath and prolonging your exhale can relax your nervous system, promoting a state of calm and healing in your body.

Inhale through your nose 3-5 seconds


Exhale naturally into the fringekalm breath tool for 5 seconds

Repeat 5 times to give your mind and body a short break

Challenge yourself to increase your exhale time to 8-10 seconds.

For additional breathing routines to help with pain, sleep and mood, check out these breathing exercises or free videos (youtube link)



materials: 316L stainless steel, easy to clean, water resistant



What does kalm mean? Our ancestors used breathing practices to calm their minds and improve their well-being. Kalm is a Dutch word to inspire you to find a few minutes free of disturbance to focus on your breath.


4 reviews for Fringe Kalm Breath Tool

  1. Khrystyna Platte

    Simple but useful tool that helps me ground myself in my busy day! Gonna get them as stocking stuffers for my family to help keep them calm for my sanity.

  2. Jennifer Miller

    Living in LA this tool is perfect to help keep my anxiety at bay. Reminds me to slow my breathing down when traffic gets thick or people act a fool. Or when I have trouble getting to sleep it’s a simple reminder to slow my breath down for longer counts and quickly I’m asleep.

  3. Dr. Abby Kramer

    I am totally obsessed with this breathing tool. Not only do I love wearing it myself as an awesome reminder to breathe, I recommend it to patients regularly to help them take a mindful pause and regulate their nervous systems throughout the day. It also makes a super fun and thoughtful gift!

  4. Megan S.

    I love to use the Kalm breath necklace while I am traveling. I keep it with me and it is a reminder to slow down my breathing. I can feel my stressful state subside.

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