Breathing and Sleep Research Review

The effectiveness of diaphragmatic breathing relaxation training for improving sleep Authors: Y. Liu T. Jiang, T. Shi, Y. Liu, X. Liu, G. Xu, F. Li, Y. Wang & X.Wu. Citation: Sleep Medicine (2021); 78:8-14 Background: Front-line health care workers often report sleep problems, which are triggered in part by stress, anxiety, and depression. Poor sleep […]

Breathing and Stress Research Review

effects of shambhavi mahamudra kriya, a multicomponent breath-based yogic practice (Pranayama), on perceived stress and general well-being. Authors: Christine Tara Peterson, Sarah M. Bauer, Deepak Chopra, Paul J. Mills & Raj K. Maturi Citation: Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (2017); 22(4):788-797 Background: Mental disorders such as anxiety are widely recognized as being associated […]

Breathing and Pain Research Review

can slow deep breathing reduce pain? an experimental study exploring mechanisms Authors: H. Jafar, A.Gholamrezaeri, M. Franssen, L. Van Oudenhove, Q. Aziz, O. Van Den Bergh, J.W.S. Vlaeyen, & I. Van Diest Background: Focused breathing is an easy-to-use strategy that has been shown to reduce pain. There are several different approaches that can be used, […]