Light and Stress Research Review

transcranial photobiomodulation for the management of depression – current perspectives Authors: P. Askalsky, D.V. Iosifescu Background: Depression is a major public health problem that affects 322 million people worldwide with a lifetime prevalence of 20%. Depression is widely treated with antidepressants, but some patients have a poor response and many experience side effects. A novel […]

Light and Sleep Research Review

red light and the sleep quality and endurance performance of Chinese female basketball players Authors: J. Zhao, Y. Tian, J. Nie, J. Xu, & D. Liu Citation: Journal of Athletic Training (2012); 47(6):673-678 Background: Sleep is a critical component of athletic performance, both in terms of quantity and quality. Similarly, regular exercise is considered a […]

Light and Pain Research Review

photobiomodulation and pain reduction in patients requiring orthodontic band application: randomized clinical trial Authors: M.F. Sfondrini, M. Vitale, A.L.B. Pinheiro, P. Gandini, L. Sorrentino, U.M. Iarussi, A. Scribante. Citation: BioMed Research International (2020), Article ID 7460938 Background: Light therapy, or photobiomodulation, involves the application of a light source such as a laser to an area […]