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Electrolyte & Mineral Mix

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Fringe Electrolyte and Mineral Mix is an unflavored powdered blend of salts and minerals. 

  • Sodium from Pure Ocean Sea Salt to help rehydrate the body.
  • Potassium Chloride for heart, muscle, nerve, and blood vessel function.
  • Magnesium Malate for muscle tension, pain, and inflammation.
  • Trace Minerals essential for many biological processes in the body.

Our scoops are small, containing everything you need and nothing you don’t. Mix 1 scoop with 16-24 oz water or your beverage of choice. Stir well, drink up. 

USA made in a GMP registered facility. 🇺🇸

Why Electrolyte Minerals?

Pure Water from nature contains a wide range of nutrients in the form of dissolved minerals (aka electrolytes). As water travels over rocks and through the earth, minerals make their way into water. The result is a complex fluid matrix that is far more than just plain ol’ H2O.

We need real water back.

Unfortunately, the water that we drink today is highly filtered to remove contaminants, which also removes the nutrients essential for our health. This leads to mineral deficiencies, water loss, or dehydration and impairs electrolyte homeostasis in our body.

yesterday's medicine

Our water sources used to be rich in minerals essential for our health. Our ancestors were provided these nutrients from the water they sourced from rivers, springs, and streams, passing over rocks and through the earth – collecting micro-amounts of nutrients they consumed daily.

With all the natural benefits intact, this water is often termed “living water.” Today, our water sources are void of the life they once had. 

As we dove deeper and deeper on our mission to bring you the best, cleanest, most transparent supplements on the market we repeatedly ran into one thing – supplements have a lot of useless (sometimes toxic) fillers.

Well, we took all of them out, leaving behind only what you truly need: a small scoop, full of big good.

what's in the tub?

We opted for a high-quality natural sea salt to help rehydrate the body, sourced from Australian sea water, rather than table salt. Sea salt contains a wider range of minerals like iron, iodine, manganese, zinc, and selenium. 

Potassium is essential for regulating many processes in the body, including heart, muscle, nerve, and blood vessel function.

This highly absorbable form of magnesium helps reduce pain and inflammation, improve mood, and supports heart, nerve, and muscle health – without causing unpleasant digestive symptoms.

Getting back to the water nature intended us to drink! Trace minerals are essential micronutrients that are critical in many biological processes in the body.  Our trace minerals are sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and include selenium, iodine, molybdenum, zinc, copper, manganese, and chromium.

This is a soluble fiber derived from chicory root. It helps to maintain accurate dosing with the product and is also a prebiotic resistant starch which has a positive effect on gut health!

what's not in it?



At Fringe, we are immensely proud of our whole crew, but one of the most crucial teams we have is our Scientific and Product Development Team. Comprised of three amazing female doctors, we are constantly in a state of bemused amazement at what Dr.s Evans, Kramer, and Newton are capable of.

These three superheros have a collective 60+ years in the nutrition and holistic healing space. They dive deep in the science and research surrounding all of our products and prioritize safety, transparency and simplicity for our product formulations. So much so that we can confidently say that we feel our products are among the best and most thoughtful on the market. 

today's science

A little known yet very important fact is that water should make an appreciable contribution to our required micronutrient intake. 

There are many nutrients that occur naturally in water, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride and potassium. These minerals occur in natural water and contribute between 1 and 20% of our recommended daily intake values. 

By removing minerals from water using modern filtration methods, we are missing a vital nutrient source available to us. Taking steps to put minerals back into your water, such as adding electrolyte mineral formulations will help to support hydration and electrolyte balance in the body. 

Electrolytes do a *lot* of work in the body, including regulating:

  •     Fluid balance
  •     Nerve transmission
  •     Muscle contraction
  •     pH
  •     Metabolism
  •     Energy production
  •     Hormone production

Maintaining electrolyte levels is essential for optimal health!

who are we?

Although most of our team have medical degrees, at the end of the day, we’re a group of everyday people trying to change the world, one person at a time. We are passionate about connecting today’s science to the powerful healing stories from our past. We dive into natural healing and talk about the things your grandmother’s grandmother did to heal themselves and their communities.

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