How Does Red Light Therapy Help the Cardiovascular System?

All lifestyle interventions that support cardiovascular health work act to strengthen and support the heart and blood vessels. The cardiovascular system consists of vessels and organs that rely on the efficient contraction of smooth muscle and flow of blood that carries vital nutrients. It requires a lot of energy to support the functions of the cardiovascular system, which is generated by mitochondria in cells that produce ATP. Red light supports cardiovascular health in the following ways:

These effects may help in both the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, and although more research is needed to clarify the role of red light therapy in supporting cardiovascular health, preliminary evidence suggests that it could have many positive benefits. Because red light therapy has an amazing safety profile, and since benefits are expected to be across multiple body systems, there really is no downside to incorporating it into a regular wellness regimen.

Dr. Genevieve Newton, DC, PhD  spent close to 20 years as a researcher and educator in the field of nutritional sciences before joining Fringe as its Scientific Director. Gen’s job is to “bring the science” that supports Fringe’s products and education. She is passionate about all things Fringe, and is a deep believer in healing body, mind and spirit using the gifts of the natural world. 

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