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Fringe Mana drink mix is a tasteless, water-soluble CBD isolate powder. “Isolate”, meaning it only contains CBD (no THC)

Fringe CBD Isolate—Mana comes in individual 30 mg stick packs of powder. Each bag of Fringe isolate water-soluble powder contains 30 stick packs or 900 mg of CBD per bag.

Fringe Mana isolate dissolvable powder acts quickly and is absorbed into the body 4x more than a CBD oil or CBD gummy. That’s 4x more CBD for your money.

Fringe is 100% dedicated to having the safest and highest quality water-soluble CBD products on the market.


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Fringe Mana water soluble CBD powder is easy and enjoyable CBD powder to take. Yes, it is actually completely tasteless. It is designed to seamlessly incorporate into any food or beverage you like, even your coffee!  

We made Fringe dissolvable powder—Mana as our flagship CBD product. CBD is one of the most abundant compounds in the hemp plant and we have concentrated it in Fringe Mana to help you get started with a CBD routine.Fringe Mana dissolvable powder is only CBD, it contains no THC or other compounds found in the hemp plant. 

Fringe Mana is a great product to start with if you are new to CBD or just want to keep your supplement ingredients simple. 

Fringe Mana is 3rd party tested for potency, purity, heavy metals, microbial, residual solvents, and pesticides. Fringe isolate and broad spectrum products are organically grown non-GMO hemp.

On each Fringe package view the QR code to view the certificate of analysis. Fringe


Suggested Use: 

Start with taking 1 stick pack of Fringe Mana in the day.

For support with stress, mood, focus, recovery and general health take Fringe Mana during the day.

To help support a restorative night’s sleep, take Fringe Mana 30 minutes before bed. 

If desired results are not seen, increase your dosage in the evening to support sleep. ⁠Always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement regimen.



  • Water soluble
  • Tasteless
  • Dissolvable
  • Fast acting
  • Predictable and consistent
  • 3rd party tested (link)
  • Organically farmed Hemp
  • USA grown 
  • Vegan



  • THC (non-intoxicating)
  • sugar
  • calories
  • gluten
  • soy
  • artificial flavoring
  • artificial sweeteners
  • preservatives
  • dairy


Ingredients: Dietary Fiber, Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors.


What does mana mean?

Mana carries meaning across many cultures – the embodiment of the power of nature, a spiritual life force. Mana is described as a life energy that flows through all things and humans. The beauty of it is that anyone or anything can possess it – it’s with us, in us, around us. ⁠

We hope that Fringe Mana helps you to feel connected, clear, and calm.


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Weight.15 lbs

Single pack, 6 pack, 12 pack

Customer Reviews

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Mana is a fantastic way to start my day!

Mana is now a part of my morning routine. It helps me to focus and relieve any anxiety I have. I won’t go a day without it.

My non-negotiable for anxiety management

I’ve been using tincture from what I thought was a reputable brand for 4 years and was blown away when 30mg of Mana left me with a better, more noticeable sense of peace and calm than 40mg of Fringe Mana. It’s now a non-negotiable part of my daily rituals for managing my anxiety and feeling like the person I want to be.

Husband and I both use Mana.

My husband and I both use Mana and it works great for us. I was able to stop taking a prescription anti-inflammatory for knee pain after using Mana for only a week. It is also a real mood lifter.


Really works for my anxious days!

Victoria Garcia

I am very satisfied with your product! Really gives me an uplift in my energy and moods! Decided to renew early so I won’t run out!!! Thank you for this wonderful product! I feel like my body really absorbs it quickly and I like that! Victoria