mana water soluble cbd isolate powder
mana water soluble cbd isolate powder
fringe mana - CBD isolate powder
fringe mana - CBD isolate powder
fringe mana - CBD isolate powder
fringe mana - CBD isolate powder
fringe mana - CBD isolate powder

fringe mana – CBD isolate powder

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Fringe Mana drink mix is a tasteless, water-soluble CBD isolate powder. “Isolate”, meaning it only contains CBD (no THC)

Fringe CBD Isolate—Mana comes in individual 30 mg stick packs of powder. Each bag of Fringe isolate water-soluble powder contains 30 stick packs or 900 mg of CBD per bag.

Fringe Mana isolate dissolvable powder acts quickly and is absorbed into the body 4x more than a CBD oil or CBD gummy. That’s 4x more CBD for your money.

Fringe is 100% dedicated to having the safest and highest quality water-soluble CBD products on the market.

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Fringe Mana water soluble CBD powder is easy and enjoyable CBD powder to take. Yes, it is actually completely tasteless. It is designed to seamlessly incorporate into any food or beverage you like, even your coffee!  

We made Fringe dissolvable powder—Mana as our flagship CBD product. CBD is one of the most abundant compounds in the hemp plant and we have concentrated it in Fringe Mana to help you get started with a CBD routine.Fringe Mana dissolvable powder is only CBD, it contains no THC or other compounds found in the hemp plant. 

Fringe Mana is a great product to start with if you are new to CBD or just want to keep your supplement ingredients simple. 

Fringe Mana is 3rd party tested for potency, purity, heavy metals, microbial, residual solvents, and pesticides. Fringe isolate and broad spectrum products are organically grown non-GMO hemp.

On each Fringe package view the QR code to view the certificate of analysis. Fringe


Suggested Use: 

Start with taking 1 stick pack of Fringe Mana in the day.

For support with stress, mood, focus, recovery and general health take Fringe Mana during the day.

To help support a restorative night’s sleep, take Fringe Mana 30 minutes before bed. 

If desired results are not seen, increase your dosage in the evening to support sleep. ⁠Always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement regimen.



  • Water soluble
  • Tasteless
  • Dissolvable
  • Fast acting
  • Predictable and consistent
  • 3rd party tested (link)
  • Organically farmed Hemp
  • USA grown 
  • Vegan



  • THC (non-intoxicating)
  • sugar
  • calories
  • gluten
  • soy
  • artificial flavoring
  • artificial sweeteners
  • preservatives
  • dairy


Ingredients: Maltodextrin (non-GMO, certified organic corn source), Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors.


What does mana mean?

Mana carries meaning across many cultures – the embodiment of the power of nature, a spiritual life force. Mana is described as a life energy that flows through all things and humans. The beauty of it is that anyone or anything can possess it – it’s with us, in us, around us. ⁠

We hope that Fringe Mana helps you to feel connected, clear, and calm.


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Single pack, 6 pack, 12 pack

43 reviews for fringe mana – CBD isolate powder

  1. Nate Gindele (verified owner)

    In practice, fringe has been a game changer. As we started getting back to our day-to-day interactions with patients after COVID, there was one common denominator in everyone we were seeing: They were all suffering from emotional and physical stressors because they had to change their daily lives so drastically. People were looking for natural ways to build their immune systems while also coping with those daily stressors. So, I started suggesting Fringe Mana to patients, friends and family, telling them that this product was targeted for pain, sleep, and stress. But I was confident that — with what I knew about CBD — it would have other positive affects on their lives. I had a great number of patients trying it, and the testimonies were incredible. They were reporting a feeling of “calmness” throughout their days, the best sleep they’ve had in several years, that they could move better without any discomfort. Once Mana became part of my patients’ routines, I would switch them to Henko for more long term supplementation to sustain their physical and emotional well-being. I also utilize Mysa for any type of myofascial work on my patients, and recommend it for daily skincare. The Fringe family of products has had a huge, positive impact in helping my patients achieve their next level of greatness.

  2. Dr. Kristina Campione

    This product has been a game changer for my sleep, anxiety, and hormones. Truly could not be happier to be using fringe for myself and also recommending it for my patients as well. It mixes perfectly into my coffee or tea and the dosage is always consistent. I also really appreciate the dedication to testing for purity and consistency. I have a lot of patients who worry about taking CBD that may be contaminated with THC and I never need to worry with Fringe.

  3. Jill Magee

    Mana is a part of my daily routine. I didn’t think I needed a CBD product daily. I had taken CBD in oil form during a struggle with Lyme disease/Bell’s palsy, but between the taste and cost I didn’t want to continue. Then came FRINGE. It’s tasteless, odorless and the cost is affordable. It works! I typically use it with a health stack to reduce stress reaction, inflammation and it improves my focus.
    I have had my athletes(I’m a sports performance coach) use it during relaxation, breathwork and visualization sessions with me and it’s hard for most athletes to get their bodies to get into a relaxed recovery state and Fringe helps. They have also experienced the same as me, a more focused mindset and reduced inflammatory response. On away game trips, it’s essential to find products and techniques that help them regulate their nervous system and I’m confident in FRINGE. Their testing is too tier and protects my athletes from THC, or other things that could be in a CBD product. The knowledge and education is what really got me to try it. Check that out and you’ll know why you can trust the products. Definitely recommend.
    -Jill Magee
    Take Action Performance

  4. Kristy W

    I often have a high level of anxiety, but when I take the Fringe Mana, within 15-20 minutes I experience amazing relief! Also, my preteen daughter has times of anxiety – we recently went to a large outdoor concert, and she took Mana for the first time. It was incredible to see the results that she had with the product! We are so thankful for Fringe!

  5. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I didn’t realize how amazing Mana was until I was exclaiming to a colleague that I recently felt calmer and more able to smoothly work through the frustrations of my afternoons. When they asked what what’s different I thought “nothing “, then sipped my Mana infused lunch water and it all clicked. Using a powder packet each day helped me take a breath and aided me in changing my perspective about what had been an extremely stressful part of my day.

  6. Dean Elliott

    Wow. I love this product ! I’ve been skeptical of commercialized CBD products, ( on principle ).
    But after trying it for several months, I have to admit, not only do I like it and look forward to it in my morning coffee, but I get disappointed and sad when I run out. At first, I didn’t I noticed a difference by taking it. But after not having it for a while and then reintroducing it into my daily routine, I realize that Mana gives me this nice little’lift’ of energy and well being. I challenge anyone to try this for 30 days to see how it can help them.

  7. Matthew Mendiola

    Love using Mana in my daily coffee! Tasteless, dissolves so smooth, no chalky taste. It helps keep me level on my daily grind. Definitely also helps take the edge off of life lately! Just bought my re-up to continue this routine. HIGHLY recommend.

  8. Jayme Miller (verified owner)

    I work in the high stress environment of a Special Education classroom and have diagnosed anxiety. Using Fringe has truly helped release the “vice-grip” I constantly feel. My jaw can unclench and I can take a deep breath before responding to any situation. I put Mana in my morning coffee and can coast through the day. I have started to put it in my water before bed too, and the sleep I have is incredible. I no longer am waking up multiple times a night or even tossing and turning waiting to fall asleep. Using Fringe is now a vital part of my routine. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

  9. Liz Crossman (verified owner)

    Back for More! Ordering my second bag of Manna as I don’t want a break in the routine – started because of old lady body pains – can’t quite say they are gone yet – but something is different and I am going to keep having manna with my morning coffee and will let you know ! Thank you Fringe !

  10. Lori Frederic (verified owner)

    As someone with chronic hip pain, I had tried CBD oil briefly in the past where I hated the taste and didn’t feel it did anything. Enter Fringe Mana. I was super skeptical but fascinated by the water soluble and tasteless aspects so I tried it. After 12 days of putting it in my morning coffee I realized I not only had lees pain in my hip but I was sleeping better, getting back to sleep quicker, and I was more calm and focused throughout the day.
    I even add an extra packet of Mana to my routine the first night traveling before bed so I ensure I will get a good nights sleep. So easy to travel with because of the individual serving packets!

  11. Jeni Enwright

    I’ve been able to sleep 8 hours when I take Mana. Very relaxing and enables me to fall asleep w/o any problems. I’m now trying it in my morning coffee and starting with a half dose. I like how relaxed I feel when I take this plus it eases my muscle aches. It dissolves well in non-carbonated beverages. This is a game changer for me as previous CBD products I’ve tried have not worked. LOVE THIS!

  12. Dr Nicole Huffman

    Love mana. I use it for sleep mostly and it doesn’t take much sometimes only a half packet to help me drift off if its been a busy day or have a lot on my mind. I love that its super clean and tasteless 🙂

  13. Nicole (verified owner)

    In the last year my anxiety and stress levels have been the highest they’ve been in my life. I’ve been taking this as part of my nighttime wind down and even sometimes during the day. It has literally been a life saver. With no taste, easily dissolving in any liquid, and the pure sense of calm it brings me, I’m a “fringer” for life!

  14. Trista

    I am amazed by the calmness I feel after taking Mana by Fringe. I have struggled with anxiety and I have PTSD from being a survivor of the shooting at Columbine. Springtime has always been an “anxious” time of year for me and I struggle with sleep especially. I couldn’t believe how much it helped with relaxing my thoughts at nighttime and having restful sleep. I have tried this product now over the past 9 months and I am very happy that I have found something that will help soothe those moments in life when I hit an anxious day and I need something to help me process those emotions and be my best self. I highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with anxious tendencies or PTSD. I have found on stressful days taking it in the morning helps in my coffee, or taking it at night with bedtime can help me feel more settled. A HUGE thank you to Fringe, I am grateful this product was introduced to me, it has helped immensely.

  15. Danny P

    I got something I was not looking for but needed, did not expect but am so grateful for…time. I noticed interactions between my 7 year old daughter and I had a sense of pause and calmness. I was more patient with her when it was truly needed. I prioritize my relationship with her and being able to thoughtfully respond and develop a respectful nurturing relationship is of the utmost importance to me. The Mana CBD powder helps me do this.

  16. Cathy Sherman

    As a breast cancer survivor I take hormone blockers to prevent a recurrence and as a result the joint and nerve pain from inflammation is brutal. Sought a chiropractor (who is amazing) and he recommended Fringe Mana. I am so thankful he did. After 40 days of daily morning use, the soreness from inflammation has gotten so much better. One day I realized I was calm all day and I fully credit Fringe Mana with being able to stop taking Lexapro (with my dr’s approval) for anxiety. It has been over 20 days without the medication and I could not be happier with this product.

  17. Christian Carroll

    CBD was something I heard about years ago when I was practicing in Maine. I never really looked into it but would often hear good things. Then I was able to try FRINGE Mana and was like WHOA. I immediately felt relief and more relaxed. I have had a stressful two years have Irish twins during covid while starting my chiropractic practice. Having the ability to mitigate stress was huge for me. Stress kills. Mana worked for easing my nervous system.

  18. Amanda Thompson

    I have been using Fringe Mana dissolvable powder in my morning coffee to help with my anxiety. I often wake up with and carry anxiety with me throughout the days as I own a business and have a lot on my plate. I really find that Fringe takes the edge off of the anxiety and helps my day go by more smoothly, with me in a better, more relaxed mood. It has been an excellent addition to my morning cup of coffee!

  19. Gailmarie LaVacca (verified owner)

    I love this product. It has changed my sleep patterns tremendously. I am able to relax in the evenings with my coffee and I feel less anxious . I am also able to go to sleep and stay asleep

  20. Stacey Thomas

    I started taking Mana several months ago to help with focus during long study sessions. I was honestly blown away with how much it helped. The effects were tangible; more clarity, more focus, more retention. Studying has become much more productive AND an added bonus is that it has drastically helped with my sleep. I used to wake up several times throughout the night but now I’m actually sleeping deeply without interruption. I’ve tried CBD powder from other companies before and they always had a weird taste and I never really noticed much of an effect. Fringe Mana is completely dissolvable, tasteless and I love it! I add it to my water, coffee, acai bowls and protein shakes and it has become a staple in my daily routine.
    For anyone that needs help with their attention span and sleep, Fringe Mana dissolvable CBD powder is a game changer.

  21. Konrad Grzeszkowiak (verified owner)

    Fringe Mana gave me the opportunity to function at my best when my current life situation was at its worst. My wife and I are holistic practitioners that were being evicted from our place of practice for the last 6 years. We desperately searched for a new location to continue taking care of our community. Fortunately we were able and ready to take the next step in our careers and purchase our own building – so we never have to relive this situation again. I personally (and gratefully) have never had trouble sleeping until the last two months were I suddenly had to manage buying and renovating a property along with taking care of my sick family and patients. Restless sleep and anxious dreams started to cause a spiral of negative health effects. 60mg of Mana a night… that’s it… all of a sudden I was getting 6-8 hours of rested sleep again. I was able to recharge and move into my days again with excitement and vigor. Take care of your sleep, and when your environment is overly stressful and your lifestyle habits are not enough, I recommend Mana from Fringe to help you reset and rebalance. Thanks guys for a great quality and effective product! Dr. Konrad

  22. Jill S.

    I take Fringe Mana CBD powder every morning in my coffee. It is amazing that I can’t taste it at all. I have been taking Fringe Mana for anxiety and for pain. I have noticed that I have more energy in my days and have noticed that my arthritis pain has significantly improved. I carry Fringe Mana with me in my purse, if I ever start to feel really stressed or have a flare up in pain – it is now my go to pain and stress reliever.

  23. Misty

    I am totally shook about this product – Mana CBP dissolvable powder. It has helped my flight anxiety and makes the experience much more enjoyable. It’s one product that travels around the world with me and I would never leave home without. I am excited to try Henko broad spectrum next!

  24. Karen Bimler (verified owner)

    Mana has been a lifesaver for me. The fact that it is a tasteless and odorless powder made it very easy for me to consider trying it as I am new to using CBD products. I am very thankful to be able to see and feel how this product has calmed me and reduced my daily racing thoughts and anxiety. The other huge benefit is I am able to fall asleep within 15 minutes after going to bed – what a game changer. Unlike my prescriptions I have taken for these same issues, I have had ZERO side affects. I share this anyone that voices they have similar symptoms as mine because I experienced the healing and believe in this product wholeheartedly.

  25. Miki Clark Narva (verified owner)

    Absolutely Magic! I’ve struggled with sleep challenges for ages. One Fringe Mana dissolvable powder packet in my water at night has changed my world. I’ve tried all kinds of CBD for sleep and many other remedies with no results until now. Mana CBD powder has improved my sleep overall and my sleep score on my Oura Ring. I get to sleep quickly and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle my day. Thank you Fringe for educating me on these amazing CBD products for sleep and pain. I have just placed an order of Fringe Henko packets. Cannot wait to try it out!

  26. Aaron Patterson

    Fringe Mana has been a phenomenal product to help introduce people to CBD and all that it can help with. Fringe does a fantastic job educating their consumers and ensuring that each person knows what they are getting. Having their CBD isolate powder has been a good product to get people started with their journey into how CBD can help positively impact their lives.

  27. Mitch Hauschildt (verified owner)

    I have been using Mana CBD for pain for almost a year now and continue to love how it makes me feel. I was very skeptical of it at first, but after seeing the level of education and science behind Fringe products, I decided to try it. Now I take it every day to reduce my pain. I’m 44, have had 6 knee surgeries and love to be active and Mana CBD powder helps me do that.

  28. Michael Benavidez

    Fringe CBD helps me so much with my workouts!! I take it before my workout on an empty stomach with water or coffee. The enhanced focus it gives me when I am pushing through a tough session really puts Fringe CBD in the category of “performance enhancer” for me.

  29. Dr. Abby Kramer (verified owner)

    As a Chiropractor, I am constantly looking for innovative and effective ways to help my patients achieve greater results. It’s important to me to find products that are made with the upmost quality and have data to back up how the products work. Enter Fringe! Water soluble CBD has been an absolute game changer in my practice. Countless patients who claim that CBD never helped them, are now hooked. It has made a profound affect especially on patients with anxiety! People love the option of an isolate formula as well!

  30. Jennifer

    I have ADD and I’ve had issues sleeping through the night since I was a child. I tried other types of cbd for sleep but they didn’t work. In 2021 I started taking Fringe Mana a few hours before bedtime and my sleep improved dramatically. I can’t speak highly enough about this product.

  31. Mary

    I heard a lot of hype around different CBD products, but all of them were oil based. When I heard Mana was a CBD dissolvable powder it made much more sense and I was eager to try. The amount of immediate stress relief I felt was incredible. After a few minor parenting incidents begin to pile up and I feel wound up and ready to snap, adding a packet or two to my warm morning drink really makes a huge difference in my mood. I’m thankful I have a go-to product that I know is doing my system good and that truly helps. I have also used it for tension headaches along with magnesium and it’s a great combo!

  32. Reid

    This is absolutely incredible! I’ve been taking CBD products for a few years now to help my system get into a more parasympathetic state after the chaotic days before laying down to bed. Other products helped me cut my sleeptime routine from 1.5 hours down to about 45 minutes. But Fringe’s Mana has cut that down to about 15 minutes! Not only do I fall asleep quite a bit faster, but looking at my sleep tracking I’m staying in deep sleep for MUCH longer as well – waking up super refreshed and ready to take life on. I use one packet (30mg) about 30-45 minutes before I plan to settle down into bed and it absolutely works wonders.

  33. Melissa M

    Great product, as a medical clinician I feel very comfortable recommending this CBD product to patients to sleep better, feel less anxious and perform better. CBD isolate is the simplest form of CBD product and is a great introduction to the product line. I would highly recommend it for anyone struggling with sleep disorders, anxiousness, racing thoughts or just feeling crummy.

  34. Beth

    I have suffered with anxiety for many years and the global pandemic didn’t help. My normal meditations and exercise were not doing this trick to help calm my monkey mind. I have tried all the products but was recommended to start with Mana because it’s the simplest form of CBD. (Cbd isolate) it’s good to know how CBD alone impacts my body before adding more with Henko. I noticed a change, almost immediately. I felt more grounded, calmer, and more focused throughout the day. I also noticed how fast acting the product work. It’s really incredible. I took this for a month prior to Henko. 100% recommended.

  35. Jody (verified owner)

    I have had trouble with sleep for years. I can fall asleep fine, but I wake up numerous times a night and have issues falling back to sleep. I have tried different CBD before, but noticed a significant difference the first time I used the MANA. If I do wake up in the middle of the night, I fall back to sleep almost effortlessly. I HIGHLY recommend this CBD for sleep.

  36. Jo

    I have taken CBD products for 7+ years. Gummies, oil, capsules, you name it, I’ve tried it. Mana is, by far, the best one yet. I have a noticeable improvement in quality of sleep and reduction of anxiety since I switched over. It’s easy to travel with and the tasteless/odorless factor makes it ideal for adding to any liquid on the fly.

  37. Megan Evans

    I never thought waking up earlier and feeling refreshed would be in the same sentence. For the last month, I have been taking the cbd dissolvable powder at night about 30 minutes before going to bed. My sleep is better, less restless and I am waking up earlier, feeling ready to start the day. My mind is more focused each morning as I shift from mom duty to my accounting job. If you have not tried this product, please do! It’s a game changer for sleep and morning routine. Thankful for Fringe for making such a wonderful product!

  38. Michael Sierra

    Fringe Mana is my goto cbd powder for stress. I have extremely bad anxiety, which didn’t get better with moving across the country with my family. Mana slows my racing mind down and takes the edge off. Raising a family and working around the clock is still hard, but with mana, I can slow down and do my job better and be more in the moment with my young kids. Truly an amazing product.

  39. Wendy Coren (verified owner)

    When was first introduced to fringe at launch I was highly skeptical I’ve been in practice 42 years and every company has put out CBD and try to get me to be involved but I trusted the people who created this and I thought OK I’ll give it a shot I have not missed a day of taking it since then because the results have been so dramatic it’s my go to first thing in the morning for focus for a sense of well-being in my body And the reactions by my dogs have been even more amazing

  40. Megan Simpson

    I love my Fringe cbd powder packets. I have had trouble sleeping for the past six years, and I didn’t know you could use CBD for sleep. I use the CBD lotion on my shoulders and neck before bed and drink a glass of water with the tasteless mana CBD isolate powder. I sleep great and have more energy throughout the day. The test is 3:00 pm when my daughter comes home from school, and now I have the energy to play with her. I am so thankful that I found Fringe.

  41. Jen

    I’ve tried all sorts of CBD and Fringe is simply the best!! Being able to put it in anything I drink because it has no taste makes taking it whenever so easy. Also knowing I’m absorbing more of Fringe CBD into my body then I was with my oils is mind blowing! I use it for recovery after my workout with my protein shakes as well as calmness throughout the day. I’m getting some Mana lotion next cuz I can only imagine it’s as amazing!

  42. Jake Champagne (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how impressive the Mana is. It’s been a game changer for me! As someone who struggled to fall asleep because of all of the commotion going through my head when I have a still moment (where do I need to be in the next week? Are my kids taken care of? Where’s the order we promised someone I work with? Did I forget to close the garage door? And on and on and on….), I’m now falling asleep within 15 minutes of my heading hitting the pillow…and getting GOOD QUALITY sleep! Chug of glass of Mana water every night. My days are much more productive and everyone around me is appreciative of me getting a good night’s sleep…. It’s literally a magic potion. Thanks Fringe!

  43. Steve Carlin

    BLOWN AWAY! My sister referred me to this product when I was recovering from Covid pneumonia and was severely sleep deprived. I had been taking a CBD tincture that was not really helping. After the third night of taking this, my fitbit reported my deep sleep score had doubled and within a week after that I felt fully sleep recovered. I took this product daily for the three weeks it took me to fully recover and consider it to have made a major positive contribution. I highly recommend this product. I came here looking to get more and was super bummed to find it was out of stock. Surely because there is high demand for such a great product.

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