In a world that moves fast, exploring the healing traditions from our past offers us slower-paced, longer lasting solutions to heal.

Yesterday’s Medicine, Today’s Science

light heals

Light is a powerful healing force. As our bodies bathe in sunlight, or light designed to mimic sunlight; our physiology changes. Light activates a healing cascade inside of our body and mind. A warm, glowing sun looks and feels particularly magical, and there is plenty of science to explain and connect that magical healing light with Fringe red light therapy.

here comes the sun

Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy

plants heal

Throughout history, humans have used plants as their predominant source of medicine. ⁠One of the most versatile plants, in terms of its active compounds, is the hemp plant.The Hemp Plant has been vital to our health for as long as we have existed – the science is now catching up.

grow your calm

water soluble cbd for today's wellness challenges

get by with a little hemp from your friends

high quality cbd

Take a breather

A long slow exhale is a simple and powerful breathing technique

breath heals

For thousands of years, ancient breathwork traditions emphasized special breathing practices because they were found to have value for a person’s health and wellness. 

Breathing, and changing how we breathe triggers many physiological mechanisms that  can have an immediate calming, energizing, and clarifying effect on both our  mind and body.

let it breathe, let it breathe

a handy breathing companion

Real talk

community health network

community heals

One thing is universally needed for all of us to be healthy – each other.  We hope to become a resource for both the medical community, but also the human community, as we all strive to find our balance in this world.  We’re excited you’re here – start by clicking below to join us!

fringe heals

Our bodies have an incredible capacity for healing, let’s get after it.

Dr. Nicole Huffman
Dr. Nicole Huffmanmana review
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Love mana. I use it for sleep mostly and it doesn’t take much sometimes only a half packet to help me drift off if it has been a busy day or have a lot on my mind. I love that it is super clean and tasteless 🙂
Dr. Beth Rizer Hatch
Dr. Beth Rizer Hatchhenko review
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Henko has become a crowd favorite in our home. Our teenage kids take 1/2 a packet for focus and grounding and my husband takes it for sleep. I personally love it for my mood. I have found with this product, I can take less mg of Henko and have the same effect as more Mg of the oil product. I 100% recommend Henko CBD! It has no taste, fast acting, and absorbs easily into the body. If you have discomfort, sleep, or anxiety, please try this!
Lori Frederic
Lori Fredericmysa review
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This lotion is magical. I am 3 months out from a total hip replacement and occasionally my hip gets restless, achey, and twitchy at night. I keep my mysa on the nightstand next to me because all I have to do is put the smallest amount on the spot that is acting up and within 1 minute I am back to sleep. I also use mysa on my scar and I am so thrilled with how fast it’s healing and how soft and pliable it is.

Yesterday’s Medicine, Today’s Science

The outer edges. The fringe is where we can be who we are,
where we have always belonged.